It takes an army sometimes.

If you work in the catering and or event planning world, you know it takes a lot of work and people to put together fun and successful events.  There are so many components that go into putting events together that are often not highlighted. Here at Gallucci’s catering, it takes a whole team to deliver the excellent service we promise.


We want to bring light to our team members here at Gallucci’s catering because all of our team members work so hard and, our accomplishments wouldn’t be possible without them. Every month we will be featuring one employee on our blog as a fun way to recognize them and their hard work. This is also a great way for you to get to know our team better! Everyone from office employees, servers, cooks and many more. Stay tuned!

This month our featured employee is Mariah Westmark.

Mariah is from Wasilla, Alaska but has lived in Washington since she was nine. She has worked for Gallucci’s catering for almost five years now (WOW). Her favorite event that she has worked was the Halloween party this last year at Kelley Farm, which is also her favorite venue. She said this was her favorite event because she got to dress up and decorate the Spooky buffets. Her Favorite Gallucci’s food item to eat is either the Stuffed Mushroom caps or our mashed potatoes topped with our au jus gravy (it is tough to pick only one! HAHA).

We want to thank Mariah for all the hard work and good energy she brings to our company!

With love,