With Sincere Thankfulness

Although we are filled with gratitude each and every day of the year, Thanksgiving finds us engrossed in a concentrated reflection on the many blessings enjoyed by Gallucci’s Catering.   The list of things for which we are thankful is a very long one.
The phenomenal clients who choose Gallucci’s Catering are the first to be […]

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Catering For The Unexpected

The event venue was a bit of a mess on that day – and there was a real possibility, and discussion, that the venue may have no choice but to cancel the event.  As you can imagine, our client was not happy with Mother Nature’s decision to blow over a few trees and power […]

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Gallucci’s Catering Welcomes Executive Chef, Johnny Fleischman

We are so excited!  Just when we thought it was time to watch The Eagle fly back home to California, he let us know that he has decided to stay on with us indefinitely.  Gallucci’s Catering is proud to announce that Johnny Fleischman (aka The Eagle) is being welcomed as acting Executive Chef.

Chef Fleischman […]

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For the Love of Automobiles

Every Tacoma native is familiar with the LeMay family name and their love affair with the automobile.  Gallucci’s Catering is proud to be one of the newest names on the list of preferred caterers at LeMay – America’s Car Museum and a long standing provider of service at the Marymount Event Center.

Both the Marymount […]

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Tacoma Fall Wedding Expo by Bridesclub

Few events offer the multitude of information that can be obtained at a wedding expo.  Not only can  a bride/groom collect a mountain of printed information, they can also talk to representatives from just about any type of wedding vendor imaginable.   If you are in the Greater Tacoma area, you will be excited to […]

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The Rustic Chic Wedding

Among many other types of weddings, Gallucci’s Catering is a big fan of the country, rustic, chic, wedding.  Joining hands in marriage is such a naturally beautiful thing to do.  What better place to do it than in a natural, beautiful, setting such as a barn venue?

A barn and/or farm venue can be turned […]

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Gallucci’s Catering’s First Open Tasting at New Location

The time has finally come!  After a few months of renovations (with many yet to come), we are pleased to announce that Gallucci’s Catering will be hosting our first open tasting at our new location.

Each year offers up dishes that are particularly popular for Gallucci’s Catering.  This year’s client seems to be very interested […]

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Gallucci’s Catering Continues to Provide Private, Complimentary Tastings

Let’s face it, our kitchen staff, is amazing. With them at the helm, every couple headed down the aisle can rest assured that the food served at their wedding reception will taste as good as it looks. Gallucci’s Catering is prepared to put our money where your mouth is by offering private, complimentary, tastings […]

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What to expect from Gallucci’s Catering

Planning an event is no small task.  Not only that, but the catering costs will likely take up the larger part of your budget aside from your venue.  At Gallucci’s Catering, we truly believe that you get what you pay for in the catering world.  Having you visit our website tells us that you […]

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Gallucci’s Exercise Ball Philosophy


We had just finished discussing the weekend ahead when she suggested that we begin sitting on exercise balls at our desks in lieu of office chairs.  Somehow, this didn’t surprise us coming from Adrielle, the new owner of Gallucci’s Catering.  The use of an exercise ball at one’s desk forces proper spine alignment, causes […]

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