Let’s face it, our kitchen staff, is amazing. With them at the helm, every couple headed down the aisle can rest assured that the food served at their wedding reception will taste as good as it looks. Gallucci’s Catering is prepared to put our money where your mouth is by offering private, complimentary, tastings without obligation. Quite honestly, we do this because we believe that our prospective clients will book with us once they’ve had a chance to sample our fare.

Our tasting menus are based on the menu you would like to have served at your particular event. Why try Chicken Parmesan when Marinated Flank Steak is what you would like to have served? Executive Chef Ivan is particular about the way his food is presented as well as how it tastes (prepping almost entirely by hand). This carries over to your event. Therefore, the fabulous food you experience at the tasting is the same great quality that your guests will experience at your event.

Book your private, complimentary, tasting with Gallucci’s Catering today. After all, the food is one of the things that will be most remembered by those attending your wedding reception.