Although we are filled with gratitude each and every day of the year, Thanksgiving finds us engrossed in a concentrated reflection on the many blessings enjoyed by Gallucci’s Catering.   The list of things for which we are thankful is a very long one.

The phenomenal clients who choose Gallucci’s Catering are the first to be recognized.  We are grateful for each one of our clients from those of you who require a casual drop off menu for 20 guests to those who desire elegant, plated, meals for more than 800.  We look at each of you with the same amount of passion, and an eagerness to exceed your expectations.

Our incredible staff  is credited for making it possible to carry out the wishes of our clients.  We appreciate every task that is performed by our staff, no matter how big or small, as each step of the process is a building block for the next.

We applaud DaVita for the amazing partnership we enjoy with them in Federal Way.  It is a pleasure to serve their employees, as well as the public, at the DaVita Cafe.  Not to mention our fabulous, state of the art, commercial kitchen.

We acknowledge each vendor, venue manager, event coordinator, and all others we work with on a daily basis, for all they do to make sure that our shared clients are happy.  Even our competitors deserve our acknowledgement as we often refer clients to one another if/when we are unable to provide service on a particular date and we enjoy networking opportunities that allow us to learn from each other.

As can be seen, and though our tangibles are numerous, we are overwhelmingly grateful for the people in our lives.  Without every person mentioned above (and many more), none of the tangibles would be possible.  We are honored to have been touched by each and every one of you throughout the past year and cannot begin to express our gratitude to its fullest extent.