We are so excited!  Just when we thought it was time to watch The Eagle fly back home to California, he let us know that he has decided to stay on with us indefinitely.  Gallucci’s Catering is proud to announce that Johnny Fleischman (aka The Eagle) is being welcomed as acting Executive Chef.

Chef Fleischman is no stranger to Gallucci’s Catering.  In fact, he has been working with the company, under the wing of its late founder, Ronald Gallucci, Jr., since the spring of 2003.  He came to Gallucci’s Catering following his 2002 graduation from Natural Gourmet Cookery School in New York City.  Along with many years of full time commitment to Gallucci’s Catering, Johnny also held long-time positions with Tacoma’s Pacific Grill as well as Asado.  Although he eventually relocated to sunny California, he has always remained a part-time employee of the company, flying in to brace us for the busier seasons.

In line with Gallucci’s Catering, Chef Fleischman embraces the philosophy of serving creative, yet simply prepared, dishes that are meant to wow the senses using the highest quality ingredients along with sound cooking techniques.  Chef Fleischman’s initial efforts will include overseeing the staff located at the DaVita Cafe by Gallucci’s Catering in Federal Way.  He is tasked with the evolution of the cafe menu into the fall season as well as bringing his innovative ideas to our catering menu.

Not only is Chef Fleischman an incredibly talented chef, he possesses a warm and expressive personality.  He is called, “The Eagle,” by many because of his propensity to take the proverbial high road, showing kindness to many as he soars from place to place, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of others.  Nonetheless, and although he and Ronald Gallucci, Jr., fast became close friends, Ron had a reservation or two in the beginning.  For example, since Johnny is covered in tattoos, Ron wasn’t sure he was the best candidate to send to private tastings.  However, after deciding to send him out into the field, it was found that The Eagle was able to win over prospective clients despite any initial reaction they might have had.  By the end of the tasting, they were not only a Gallucci’s Catering client, but they were wanting to make sure that Johnny, himself, would be present at their event.

Please join us in welcoming Chef Fleischman back into the fold as a full time asset to Gallucci’s Catering. We can hardly wait to see what great things are in store.