Here at Gallucci’s Catering, we strive for excellent food as well as superb service. Neither of these things would be possible without our amazing Gallucci’s team. We think it is important to recognize our team members for working hard and helping maintain a strong reputation in the catering industry.

“I call them family!”


This month we have chosen to recognize Jerry Depmar! Jerry is from Yap, Micronesia, located in the Pacific Islands. Jerry has been a part of the Gallucci’s team for 8 years as a sous chef. Jerry’s favorite part about working for Gallucci’s, besides getting to eat the delicious food,  would be working with wonderful people.

Some of His Favorites:

Working in the kitchen, Jerry gets to try a lot  of things. His love for seafood created a tie for best appetizer between our bacon wrapped prawns and our crab cakes. Understandably, being in the kitchen makes it hard for him to pick just one favorite main dish. His two favorite main dishes are the braised beef short ribs with the sour cherry demi-glaze AND the baked salmon with soy shiitake sauce served, of course, with rice.

When Jerry is not working, he likes to work around the house and volunteer at his church. BUT, most importantly, he loves to give his family his undivided attention!

Thank you, Jerry, for all of your hard work!